Upscale Elopements in Las Vegas


Elopements are so romantic, and they can be a great way to celebrate a marriage in a beautiful location without all the drama of a traditional wedding.

But if you’re looking for something extra special and bespoke, you might want to consider upscaling your Las Vegas elopement.

Here are some tips on how to make your elopement feel extra luxurious:

  1. If you want a more upscale Las Vegas elopement, consider the Red Rock Boardwalk. It’s close enough to the strip to provide some of the glitz and glamour that you’re looking for, but it’s far enough that you can enjoy the peace of nature. The boardwalk itself is gorgeous – beautifully lined with trees and flowers, and there are plenty of places on the grounds where you can exchange vows while surrounded by greenery.
  2. You may want to hire an officiant who has experience in outdoor elopement ceremonies or one who has worked at less conventional venues. They can help you plan out the details of your ceremony so it feels truly special without being too stuffy or formal.
  3. Hire a photographer who knows how to take pictures of nature, which will give you amazing photos that capture the spirit of your Las Vegas elopement.
  4. Get married at sunset or sunrise, when there aren’t as many people around and you get to take advantage of the dramatic colors in the sky and on the horizon.

When Erika and Adam decided to elope in Las Vegas, they knew they wanted their ceremony to be beautiful, meaningful, and intimate. They chose Red Rock Boardwalk as the location for their elopement because it’s a stunning spot, overlooking red rock formations and the Las Vegas skyline; and they wanted to be married in front of a gorgeous backdrop.

I loved how this location was so different from the typical wedding venue, and it was perfect for Erika and Adam’s wedding. They’re such a fun couple that they made my job easy – the photos turned out amazingly!

I enjoyed being present as they exchanged vows and looked into each other’s eyes. Their love was evident in everything they did, and I’m so happy to have been able to capture that. The whole day was perfect, from the gorgeous weather to Erika and Adam’s heartfelt vows. They’re a wonderful couple who are definitely meant for each other.

If you’re planning Las Vegas elopement, I’d love to help! I want your elopement to be everything you’ve dreamed of and more – and I’m here to make it happen!