Do I Need a Second Photographer at My Wedding?


Should I have a Second Photographer at My Wedding

It can be overwhelming to arrange a wedding because of all the decision-making you have to make. Everything should be planned and prepared perfectly – from choosing the right venue to deciding whether you’ll hire a second photographer to capture your dream event or not. The latter dilemma is something that most couples tend to miss out on. So if you’re still undecided if a second shooter is necessary, Caitlyn and Taif’s Bellagio Las Vegas wedding will help you make up your mind.

Capture every moment

Many things will happen on your significant day, and you want to capture as many moments as possible. Suppose your main photographer focuses on you as a couple. In that case, there will inevitably be limited shots of your guests. In essence, most couples who hire a second photographer love to see the documented reactions of their guests in photos.

Provide coverage from different angles

The romantic wedding vows shared by Caitlyn and Taif with their beautiful backdrop were captured from different angles. To be able to photograph both the bride and groom’s actual reaction during such an intimate instant is only possible when you opt for a second shooter. 

Allows two types of perspective

If you want to add variety to special moments on your iconic day, having an additional unique perspective for your images will surely help. We always commend how other photographers can capture the same subject in a different yet complimenting way. This will result in the couple having more opportunities to have great photos. 

Can cover a larger area

If you’re planning to have your celebration of love in a grand and elegant place like the Bellagio Las Vegas wedding venue, which has a capacity of 300 guests; it can be difficult for a single person to cover such a large area. For optimum documentation of every detail of your remarkable celebration, having help from a second photographer is highly recommended. 

Saves more time

Having a second photographer will save you more time. An excellent example of this is the getting-ready photos. Most couples prepare separately, so having a second shooter to capture the groom’s moments means that we can capture both of you getting ready simultaneously.

For backup

We always prepare for every scenario. That includes bringing two cameras and having backup batteries to last throughout the celebration. However, having a backup for me can be reassuring. So if something remarkable happens when I’m in the lavatory, you’ll still have someone to capture it for you!

We hope this helps you see the value of having a second photographer for your big day! Let us document your union most genuinely and authentically. Contact us for more details!