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I would describe my style as romantic, natural, timeless and full of life. I love natural light and the glow of the desert sun. 

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If you are looking for an authentic location for your high-end elopement or micro wedding, this love story will make you fall in love with the magic of the dry lake beds. 

Justine and Cody had a truly enchanting Las Vegas wedding, featuring a great dry lake bed, mountain landscapes, and a dreamy ceremony infused with their unique personalities. What is amazing about this dehydrated plain is the fact that you get desert feels, but also some dry land texture love to complement your overall esthetic. Add a dash of wind to the atmosphere and you get the perfect amount of drama while you say your iconic ‘I do’!

dry lake bed wedding photo

dry lake bed wedding photo

dry lake bed wedding photo

Justine looked breathtaking in her romantic off-the-shoulder dress, carrying a lush draping bouquet, while Cody rocked a modern maroon suit that was wonderfully aligned with their color palette. Surrounded by their favorite people, they tied the knot at the dry lake bed. After that, they celebrated with a champagne toast and cut their stunning flower-adorned cake. It was truly an elevated elopement, intertwined with candid and heartfelt emotions!



If you are thinking of eloping in the desert, here are a few tips:

Best time of the year

We are great fans of the springtime and also the fall periods because the weather is just ideal. However it can get a bit chilly in the mornings or evenings so we’d advise bringing a jacket or coat.

dry lake bed wedding photo

Best time of the day

As experienced photographers, we tailor our artistry with beautiful light and an airy feel. For that, we need the best backlight. That being said, we would recommend hosting your dry lake bed elopement at sunrise or anywhere late afternoon to the sunset hours.

dry lake bed wedding photo


Styling tips

If you are a wild romantic soul with a refined taste for fine aesthetics, you might want to wear your hair loose, but we’d recommend opting for an updo or half updo because of the wind and weather. Also, when it comes to your shoes, avoid wearing any thin heels because the cracks in the soil might be challenging.

dry lake bed wedding photo

Need a professional photographer to capture your memorable moments at the dry lake bed? Get in touch for more info, we’d love to become a part of your love story!


dry lake bed wedding photo

dry lake bed wedding photo